Friday, December 17, 2010

Headlines and the back stories no one wants to discuss

Mao's "Great Leap Forward" killed 45 million...But why do many academics remain Marxists? Instapundit has a discussion here.

the point is that if you are doing it for an idealistic cause, those who oppose you belong to the devil's league and can be killed at random, be they heretics or just ordinary farmers who stand in the way of a Marxist utopia.

A lot of worry out there about an atomic attack, or a dirty bomb. NYTimes article here. More HERE.CDC site HERE. and Military handbook on handling radiation casualties in pdf form HERE.

Be very afraid...

Luckily, I'm in rural Luzon, so I only have to worry about ordinary bombs, kidnapping, earthquakes, typhoons and dengue fever....


Keeping Catholic hospitals Catholic...there is an agenda here, which is for a secular takeover of Catholic hospitals.

Why do I say this? Because there is no logical reason that a Catholic hospital had to do the abortion (and yes, despite their protests, it was not an "emergency"...).

Medically you had three choices: 1)The patient could have been carried to 28 weeks and delivered; 2) a routine transfer to another hospital by her request could easily have been done and they could decide to abort her or not. 3)if she was so sick neither of these options could be considered, she would be a candidate for heart lung transplant without aborting her. The prognosis for the kid would be low, but not zero...

I probably would leave it up to the patient, and transfer her to someone who can give her ALL options... In my experience of medically dangerous pregnancies, half abort...Logically, you would think all would abort, but there are a lot of moms who will risk death to have the kid: more than you would think...One of these moms used to show me her kid every time she brought him to baby clinic, and would tell me: See you were wrong.

Amelia Earhart found again.

real or another "discovery channel special" hoax?


Attention hackers and homeland security: our emails are protected by the 4th amendment.

does this include emails stolen and released by new organizations? If so, does this mean you can sue the NYTimes if they publish your email?

WhiteHouse bioethics panel okays synthetic life research.

this goes way beyond "frankenfoods"...essentially they recommended no gov't regulations on such research.
..even though there is a lot of questions about safety...

StrategyPage discusses recreation in the military when local gals and alcohol are off limit.

"...The alcohol prohibitions apply on or off base, as do the prohibitions on sex, marrying locals or even gambling. Troops are encouraged to spend more time in the gym, or with their video games, or praying. Troops having sex with each other is generally tolerated, although that can cause trouble as well. Only about ten percent of the troops in combat zones are female, and not all are single or in the mood..."

this is the problem that no one wants to discuss in the DADT legislation.

You heard about child soldiers, but what about Baby Basij (Religious police thugs)?

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